samedi 17 avril 2010

Switzeland? No no Sweden

Somewhere in the world, a conversation with a local (US is probably the best place for this example)

- Where do you come from?
- I come from Switzerland
- Haaaa, I heard that Sweden is very cold
- No, no, I come from Switzerland not Sweden...
- ... 10 minutes later...
- Hi John, I present you my friend from Europe, she speaks Swedish

I wonder to whom that never happened, mixing Switzerland and Sweden, that’s probably why I have always felt that I have something in common with my fellow Swedish people!

Welcome to a country where (blond) people are very friendly, party people with strong Lutherien values and definitly in love with mother nature. A social country, where a lot of stuff have been thinking by the gouvernement. Where you can be taxed 70% of your salary and where everything is pretty easy to live with.
Organised, strong, practical, ho yes, Volvo definitily comes form there.
Design, fashion, artistic, ho yes, Sweden feels like it.

But where art is not for all...

A very flat country where you can drive for kilometers seing the horizon ligne and always but really always see fences. Security is one of those adjectives who represent Sweden.

The people are like the interior house. At first sight they look pretty cold and individualist but as soon as you get to know them, they are warm, friendly and spontanous. The parties are at (very cozy) home and no need to be shy if you need a coach to sleep for the night, it looks like you never disturb them.

On an other hand, it’s crazy how many culturel differences exist between middle-South Europe and the North, to illustrate:

-You easily speak about your salary or any other money related stuff.
-You buy your flat/house very young and send it easily like for us just changing an appartemental rent.
-Don’t expect men to be gentlemen, Scandinavian countries are very sex egality oriented. “What a man do a woman can do”. So if you receive a door in your head while carrying your big luggage, don’t get upset. Same for old people.
-No “Christian guilty” sex value. As long as you feel like it, sex is not a problem and you can easily see Swedish half-naked without any problems;-)
-You like it when it’s: cheap, comfortable, secure, economical, environmental-friendly, raisonnable and a little bit square. Sounds very clever when you think about it.

From the beautiful Stockholm, its Island and its sense of design to the Ouest Coast with the sea and the beautiful beaches, I have been Sweden with locals which gave me the opportunity to explore the North with a special involved taste.

A stop in Norvey, where I hung out in Oslo, the third most expensive capital in the world (after Tokio and Osaka) beautiful little European capital with a unfortuned little mist.

One love to the food, where I ate the best salmon ever, but where my fellow mates are (strange) sausages fans and where you can lost your self in the candy section of the supermarket.

Thanks for your warm welcome to everybody