dimanche 23 octobre 2011


Moscou c’est grand; massif; immense; grandiose; peuplé; démesuré; congestionné; et, un brin magique. Business trip - 5 days

dimanche 2 octobre 2011


This country is fascinating, left me breath less, every body must see Jerusalem once in life, mystic, magic and so complex. Because I find it true, I take this piece of The Lonely to sum-up my thoughts: ""Your assumptions", said Alan Alda, "are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in". This is truer in Israel and the Palestinians Territories than almost anywhere else. Arrive with preconception of who or what makes an Israeli or Palestinian, an Arab or a Jew, and your notions will soon go up in smoke, as your realize it's the nuances that make this region so fascination, for all its conflict, controversy and tragedy". Lonely Planet 2011 September 2011: one week business trip in Tel Aviv. Weekend in Jerusalem and the Dead See.